BMW Service & Repairs


BMW Clutch/Transmission Repairs & Maintenance – If your BMW is experiencing gearbox problems, the first step you need to do, is bring your BMW to Perth Swedish Auto Centre to allow us to inspect & determine the problem. We’ve been servicing and repairing BMW Transmissions and Gearboxes for over 20 years and are able a to carry out servicing and repairs to all types of manual gearboxes and automatic transmissions. If your BMW is not drivable, we can arrange to have your vehicle towed straight to our workshop. *Remember, if you’re a RAC member you get one FREE tow a year!

BMW Timing Belt & Timing Chain Repair It is imperative you know when your BMW model requires a Timing Belt/Chain replacement or repair, as they control the engine and drive other important mechanical parts such as the water pump. To prevent damages and ensure the long life of your engine our experts at Perth Swedish Auto Centre can advise you in advance as to when your type of BMW model is due for a Timing Belt/Chain repair. *Please note most BMW models have a Timing Chain.

BMW Brake Repairs – Perth Swedish Auto Centre is the preferred supplier of ATE Ceramic brakes. ATE are part of the Automotive Group Continental AG, an international company which supplies companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen (VAG) and Porsche all original equipment for brake systems, electronics, interior, chassis equipment and tyres. Your vehicle’s brake discs and pads are one of the most vital safety features. Your safety is our #1 concern so let our experts keep your brakes in paramount condition, giving you optimal protection during your travels. BMW ATE CERAMIC BRAKE PADS are LOW DUST. LOW NOISE. LONG LIFE. With a warranty of 3 years or 50,000km.

BMW Fun Facts! Everyone thinks that the iconic logo is of a spinning airplane propeller. They’re wrong. The BMW badge was derived from the flag of Bavaria, the home of BMW. Blue and White are the colours of the Bavarian national flag. And! BMW actually built their own Lamborghini – The First BMW “M” car, the legendary M1 was supposed to be a Lamborghini.

BMW Service & Repairs

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) is one of the world’s foremost luxury and super performance car makers. BMW is known for its precision engineering, strong performance and luxurious design. If you’re a proud owner of a BMW you will want your mechanic to maintain the comfort, luxury, safety and optimal performance of your vehicle and to use only BMW original parts and equipment. Perth Swedish Auto Centre are the BMW specialists Perth drivers have come to know and love.

Perth Swedish Auto Centre specialises in BMW service and repairs. We pride ourselves on having some of the best BMW mechanics in Perth. We are your trusted, dealership alternative motor repair shop for BMW service and repairs. We can still assist with your log book scheduled services without this affecting your new car warranty.

As European car specialists, we know cars like BMW deserve and require genuine parts and a high-quality service. Therefore, we use the finest diagnostic equipment and the latest version scanning tools for diagnosis of BMW vehicles. This allows BMW repairs and BMW services to be carried out in a timely manner.

Your BMW is a highly-specialised machine that requires regular servicing to maintain its performance and reliability. Perth Swedish Auto Centre recommend every 10,000km or 6 months; whichever comes first.
Today’s BMWs all have either a Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system or a Service Interval Indicator (SII). When either of these systems shows your BMW needs servicing; contact us on (08) 9227 9944 to arrange a booking and remember to ask for one of our FREE Loan cars to optimise the convenience and ease of your day.

We provide trustworthy BMW servicing & repairs to all models; no matter how old or new. This includes the following:
• 1 Series BMW
• 2 Series BMW
• 3 Series BMW
• 4 Series BMW
• 5 Series BMW
• 6 Series BMW
• 7 Series BWM
• X Series BMW
• Z4 Series BMW
• M Series BMW

BMW Exhaust Repair Perth Your BMW exhaust system should produce the right levels of emissions. An underperforming exhaust system will result in reduced efficiency and power. With modern technology in diesel particulate filters your vehicle will need to be regularly checked and maintained to keep your BMW performing at its best.

Perth Swedish Auto Centre look forward to looking after your BMW Service and Repair in the near future!

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