SAAB Service & Repairs


Saab Clutch/Transmission Repairs & Maintenance – We have extensive experience, qualifications and tools to solve all of your Saab’s clutch and gear box issues. If your Saab is experiencing gearbox problems, the first step you need to do, is bring your Saab to Perth Swedish Auto Centre to allow us to inspect & determine the problem. We’ve been servicing and repairing Saab Transmissions and Gearboxes for over 20 years and are able a to carry out servicing and repairs to all types of manual gearboxes and automatic transmissions. If your vehicle is not drivable, we can arrange to have your Saab towed straight to our workshop. *Remember, if you’re a RAC member you get one FREE tow a year!

Saab Exhaust Repair Perth Your Saab exhaust system should produce the right levels of emissions. An underperforming exhaust system will result in reduced efficiency and power. We take pride in providing high-quality mufflers, pipes, and other exhaust system components for your Saab. We advise your vehicle is regularly checked and maintained to keep your Saab performing at its best.

Saab Timing Belt & Timing Chain Repair – It is imperative you know when your Saab model requires a Timing Belt/Chain replacement or repair, as they control the engine and drive other important mechanical parts such as the water pump. To prevent damages and ensure the long life of your engine our experts at Perth Swedish Auto Centre can advise you in advance as to when your type of Saab model is due for a Timing Belt/Chain repair.

Saab Fun Facts! It was back pain suffered by a senior Saab executive that prompted the development of the heated driver’s seat, an innovation from Saab in 1971. In 1982, Saab was the first car manufacturer to take advantage of new materials to replace asbestos, introducing asbestos-free brake and clutch linings. In 1991, it also led the industry in eliminating CFC’s from in-car air conditioning systems.

SAAB Service & Repairs

Keeping your Saab regularly serviced plays a critical role in keeping the resale value of your vehicle high as well as identifying potential mechanical problems before they happen. We are one of Perth’s leading Independent Saab service and repair specialists. Our state of the art workshop utilises the latest servicing and diagnostic facilities for any Saab car.

All our work is carried out by our highly skilled and trained technicians, in accordance with Saab’s servicing schedules and specifications. Our extensive knowledge means you can confidently bring your car to Perth Swedish Auto Centre for servicing of your Saab, but also for all engine diagnostic problems, engine, gearbox, suspension and brake repairs.

If you’re a proud owner of a Saab you will want your Saab mechanic to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle. We are one of several workshops that can still procure Saab parts. Perth Swedish Auto Centre are the Saab specialists Perth drivers have come to know and love. We pride ourselves on having some of the most knowledgeable Saab mechanics in Perth.

We recommend a Saab service every 10,000km or 6 months; whichever comes first.

As European car specialists, we know cars like Saab deserve and require high-quality service. Contact us on (08) 9227 9944 to arrange a booking and remember to ask for one of our FREE Loan cars to optimise the convenience and ease of your day.

We provide trustworthy Saab Servicing & Saab Repairs to all models including:

  • Saab 9-3
  • Saab 9-5
  • Saab 900
  • Saab 9000

Saab Service Perth – Saab vehicles have become one of the hardest vehicles to procure parts for; since the end of production over a decade ago. Perth Swedish Auto Centre can still access and offer genuine parts and only use premium high quality, factory approved lubricants, along with full parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind. All with an emphasis on friendly, welcoming service and high customer satisfaction. For Saab log book services, Inspections, Saab cooling system repairs, Saab air conditioning re-gas or Saab diagnostics, Perth Swedish Auto Centre has you covered.

Saab Brake Repairs – What could be more important to you and the passengers in your car than brakes that work properly? If you drive your car to work every day and shuffle the kids around town, you know your auto brake repair must be done right the first time around. Perth Swedish Auto Centre complete comprehensive brake system services and/or repairs. Your vehicle’s brake discs and pads are one of the most vital safety features. Your safety is our #1 concern so let our experts keep your brakes in paramount condition, giving you optimal protection during your travels.

Perth Swedish Auto Centre look forward to looking after your VW Service and Repair in the near future!

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