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Audi models are not cheap cars to run and maintain but are lovely cars to drive. We see many older Audi models which have been properly serviced and are still excellent cars. Sadly, we also see cars which have been inadequately serviced, sometimes recently purchased by a second or third owner who is faced with a significant bill.

Before you buy an Audi, for around $220, one of our Audi trained Technicians can perform a pre purchase inspection which can help avoid significant repair bills or give you negotiating room to have any repair work done.

An Audi is a highly-specialised machine that requires regular servicing to maintain performance and reliability. We recommend servicing every 10,000km or 6 months; whichever comes first. We service and maintain all Audi models, from simple hatchbacks to RS Series cars.

Audi uses a complex DSG Dual Clutch type gearbox. If your Audi is experiencing gearbox problems bring it to us here at Perth Swedish and European Auto Centre to allow us to inspect & determine the problem. Our experienced Audi factory trained Technicians are able a to carry out in depth servicing and repairs to all types of Audi transmissions.

We can fit ATE ceramic brake pads to your Audi which have a 3 year or 50,000km warranty, no more black brake dust on your alloy wheels.

Call us to make a booking for your Audi on 08 9227 9944. We love cars and we will take great care of your Audi.

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