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First established in 1926, Mercedes Benz now fills just about every product niche known, from small hatchbacks through the famous C, E and S Class Sedans to SUVs in every size class.

Although much more common than they once were, owning a Mercedes is still special. Mercedes has been the benchmark manufacturer. Technology which appears in a new model Mercedes usually makes it way into other cars within a couple of years.

Its not always easy to find a reliable workshop which can properly service and repair Mercedes Benz cars. Here at Perth Swedish and European Auto Centre, we pride ourselves on looking after our customers' Mercedes Benz cars.

Mercedes SUVs are large, heavy cars and can be hard on brakes, tyres and suspension components. Of course during a service, we conduct thorough checks on brake, tyres and suspension.

Worn brakes, suspension and tyres can seriously affect safe handling and braking performance.

We can fit ATE ceramic brake pads to your Mercedes. ATE ceramic brake pads have a 3 year or 50,000km warranty, no brake worries for a long time and even better, almost no more black brake dust on your alloy wheels.

We also have the in house capability to fit and balance new tyres and carry out wheel alignments. Mercedes SUVs are often used for hauling precious family members and yet we sometimes see expensive Mercedes SUVs driving on cheap Chinese brand tyres which are inadequate and worn putting everyone in the vehicle at increased risk.

Proper maintenance and servicing of your Mercedes is vitally important to keep the vehicle performing optimally, just when you need it isn't the time to find out that your Mercedes isn't performing to the correct specification.

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