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BMW re-birthed the Mini in 2001 and have gradually increased the number of available variants to include small AWD SUVs as well as 3 and 5 door hatchbacks. Minis are lots of fun to drive, they all have go-kart like handling and going up the range in engine size and performance they become progressively more fun.

Early Gen1 and Gen 2 automatic Minis can have transmission issues, any tendency for harsh shifting needs to be looked at immediately to prevent further damage. Water pump leaks requiring a replacement are common on the Prince engines since the whole pump and thermostat assembly is plastic, failure is definite at some point, proactive changing can save time and money.

Power steering pumps, loose timing chains, cracked plastic front radiator supports and damaged hoses from parking contact with kerbs are also common on Mini issues.

Like all cars, if you maintain your Mini with 6 monthly oil changes, on time transmission services, pay attention to fluid levels and normal vehicle servicing, they can be quite reliable.

Our expert Technicians can diagnose any issues with your Mini or, if you are thinking of buying one of these great fun cars, we would be happy to carry out a pre-purchase inspection on any Mini you might be thinking about buying.

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