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We are a one stop shop for tyres, suspension and exhausts. We can change tyres and perform wheel balance and alignments. We can order and fit any type of tyre while your car is with us for service.

Talk to us about replacement tyres on your all wheel drive car, some all wheel drive systems will function incorrectly with unevenly worn tyres.

Suspension components wear out over time. Suspension doesn't just keep your ride smooth, it's critical to the safety of your car, affecting how it drives and tyre wear. So whether you have a problem with ball joints, steering rod, steering rack, shock absorbers, or any other suspension component, our experienced Technicians can repair your suspension so your car is safe to drive for thousands of kilometres.

If any part of your exhaust needs replacement or repair, we can carry out the work in house while your car is being serviced.

Diesel cars have a Diesel Particulate Filter known as a DPF in the exhaust system. Sometimes DPFs become clogged causing a Check Engine light and reduced performance. We can either regenerate or replace your DPF as required.

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