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Volkswagen, the "peoples car" has many brands, with VW Group owning Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat and Skoda. Some Porsche and Lamborghini models share under the skin parts with VW and Audi. Previously known for air cooled engines, VW shot into the mainstream with the Golf in 1974 and have been the benchmark for hot hatchbacks since introducing the GTI in 1976.

Volkswagen makes desirable everyday cars, Polo, Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Touareg are all cars we like to have on the driveway. But like all modern vehicles, they are complex and require regular maintenance. Thoroughly maintained VWs can last many years and kilometres, diesel engines are particularly strong but really need regular maintenance.

There is no doubt that keeping fresh clean oil in your engine will dramatically prolong its life. We see manufacturer schedule 12 month and 15,000km oil change intervals, in our experience, its not enough. We recommend a service visit every 6 months or 10,000km where we change the engine oil and filter, which while important for all engines but particularly important with a diesel engine.

It's important to look after the DSG "automatic" transmissions as they are actually a dual clutch unit not a strict auto in the old sense. We recommend servicing the DSG transmission every 60,000km to be safe as they are complex. A properly serviced and used DSG transmission can last a long time.

Of course, we check coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, brakes, suspension, tyres, steering, lights, all fluid levels, air conditioning and the battery. Remember, brakes, tyres and suspension are vital for the safety of your car in daily driving.

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