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Having trouble finding that mysterious rattle and fixing it? Our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and specialised tools and technology to find all engine & transmission problems.

We can perform in depth engine and transmission repairs including those requiring removal and re-installation. We do this kind of work all the time, we have the equipment and the experience to take good care of your car while its being repaired.

The best way to prevent engine and transmission problems are regular oil and fluid changes and preventative maintenance.

Timing chains stretch and timing belts can break if not replaced at the correct time or kilometre intervals. Unfortunately we regularly see severe and sometimes catastrophic engine damage caused by belts which have snapped because they haven't been replace on time.

We can carry out timing belt replacements while your car is in for routine servicing.

Our experience means we can confidently carry out:

Volvo Service Perth
BMW Service Perth
SAAB Service Perth
AUDI Service Perth
Skoda Service Perth
VW Service Perth
Mercedes Service Perth
Mini Service Perth