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Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre purchase inspection can literally save you thousands of dollars as well as a huge headache. Recent supply chain issues affecting the whole car industry has led to cars being offered for sale at inflated prices which need significant repairs.

Every pre purchase inspection allows you to either reject or adjust the price of a car. You can be confident that our expert Technicians will provide a thorough report on the vehicle you wish to purchase.

$200 for an unbiased pre purchase inspection will give you peace of mind or negotiating power. We have honestly saved customers thousands of dollars in repair work and in some cases, saved them from buying a lemon.

End of Warranty Inspections

Capped Price Servicing plans offered with a new car purchase actually offer limited "servicing" and more "inspection". These types of programs actually accumulate items which will all need to be completed, just after your car goes out of warranty, giving you a large bill for repairs.

We see manufacturer recommended oil change intervals at over 20,000km or 2 years which in the harsh climate of Western Australia is detrimental to you car's engine, causing unnecessary wear and tear to your car's engine. Regular oil changes, maximum 10,000km or annually, are a must to keep your car's engine working properly.

If your car is coming up to the end of manufacturer's warranty and you intend keeping it, a $200 End of Warranty Inspection can provide you with a list of no wear and tear items for the dealer to fix before the warranty runs out, saving you money on repairs.

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