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Cars are becoming increasingly electronically complex.

From batteries to technical difficulties, we provide the full scope of electrical work for vehicles of any make and model.

Most cars today contain up to 100 electrical modules which must all function for the car to work properly. As we demand more technology in our cars, complexity will only increase.

Our experienced technicians are able to diagnose electrical issues you may be having. We start with the basics looking for water leaks. We often see blocked drain holes causing water leaks and electrical issues.

More and more, cars have become an extension of our lives, we tend to spend lots of time in them, we buy drive through and takeaway coffee which are eaten in the car. But electrical modules and user interfaces can be badly damaged by spills, it only takes a drop of coffee or Coke in a module to cause serious electrical issues.

Its also really important to have a good strong battery. A low battery level can cause multiple warning lights on the dashboard, often for things which can appear completely unrelated.

We only use Bosch batteries which are used as original fit by many OEMs. Bosch batteries are reasonably priced and offer superior performance.

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